Whiskey Chaser

High Gain Distortion

High gain distortion with multiple modes that span classic and modern tones with bite and attitude


  • The Landlord FX Whiskey Chaser is a vicious sounding high gain distortion with enough kick to cut through the worst of musical hangovers. Dial in the midrange with the Tone knob and be very careful with the Gain control: adjust to taste!


  • The Landlord FX Whiskey Chaser offers a range of strong distortion flavours. A mini toggle switch lets you choose the strength of your chaser but do be careful: the temptation to dive in at the deep end may be more than you bargained for! Trust the landlord! The three modes of the switch bring three distinct flavours of drive to the table: HOOCH has a natural break up and clear colour; SCOTCH is a golden, warm-tasting high gain sound; and BOURBON is a dark, slamming hit of gain with a modern tone and a tight low end.

  • The three knobs give you control over your session. LEVEL brings the balance between beer and whiskey. At its maximum setting, there is quite a volume boost, especially the BOURBON mode! DISTORTION lays on the pain so be careful if you are planning a long night! There is an ocean full of gain here so try your sound as you wind up the DISTORTION knob to get your optimum strength. TONE dials in the taste and brings plenty of midrange to the recipe.

  • The Landlord FX Whiskey Chaser is a strong pedal that certainly makes its presence known! Hard Rock and Metal players will love a shot or two of the Whiskey Chaser.

Technical Specs