Essential Delay

Clean and fresh digital delay with unique self-oscillation feature


  • Treat your tone to a measure of finely brewed delay with the Landlord FX Taproom Delay! Taproom keeps things simple, delivering a tasty, clean delay sound with plenty of oscillating feedback and a True-Bypass switch for enduring quality.


  • The Landlord FX Taproom is an inspiring digital delay effect. The Landlord keeps his taps clean at all times and the same is true for the delay repeats in this pedal! Pristine, clear and beautiful, the Tap Room gives you all of the ambience and extra rhythm you crave, along with a little madness at higher settings!

  • The Taproom, like all other Landlord FX pedals, is built like a tank. The chassis is solid metal and the True-Bypass switch is heavy-duty. On the surface, three simple control knobs are all you need to tap into some great delay sounds!

  • TIME adjusts the flow of the delay effect. Long, slow repeats of 620ms are available, as are super-fast delays of 20ms. REPEAT determines how often that delay signal sounds out its echoes. From a trickle to a flood, you can open the taps as wide as you want! On the higher settings, the repeats will actually self-oscillate! Bring a little wildness to your sound with the Taproom! LEVEL determines the balance of clean sound versus lush Taproom delay. Adjust to find your perfect sound!

  • Add the Landlord FX Taproom delay to your pedalboard for a high quality and adaptable go-to delay.

Technical Specs