Spinning Room

Multiple Modulation

Compact, Multiple Modulation Pedal with True-Bypass Switching


  • If the Landlord has called time on your evening, plug into this pedal until your room starts spinning with an incredible selection of modulation effects! The Landlord FX Spinning Room packs no less than 11 modulation effects into a mini chassis along with True-Bypass switching! Don’t stop until you have double vision!


  • Get much more than you bargained for with the Landlord FX Spinning Room. Hold on to the walls or indeed the floor because you do not want to fall off! This sturdy pedal houses 11 modulation effects under its metal hood. A master control knob selects the effect and a further three control knobs give you command of DEPTH, SPEED and LEVEL.

  • The Spinning Room is your one-stop shop for all things modulation: Choruses, Flangers, a Phaser, Tremolo, Filter and many more effects are ready to modulate your mind into submission. Every pedalboard needs a dose of psychedelic whoosh: get a whole collection of quality effects in one compact pedal with the Landlord FX Spinning Room.

Technical Specs