Lock In

Chromatic Tuner

Compact and highly visible chromatic tuner with True-Bypass switching


  • Before attempting any long evening session, make sure you have your fundamentals sorted: that means using a great tuner. The Landlord FX Lock In Tuner brings you accurate chromatic tuning for guitar and bass! Lock in your tuning and be assured of lasting the distance!


  • The Landlord FX Lock In Tuner is housed in a sturdy metal chassis with a large, bright LED display. With this display, you will get pinpoint accuracy of your tuning with both ‘floating needle’ and note name display. No matter how long your lock in lasts, this display will remain visible!

  • This tuner is chromatic: this means that altered tunings are not a problem! The Lock In will happily work with 7 string guitars and 5 string basses so it will earn its place on every pedal board. It simply reads the frequency being played into it and shows the result clearly on the display.

  • The Landlord FX Lock In Tuner gives you what you need, where and when you need it.

Technical Specs