Happy Hour

Compact Looper

Creative and effective looper and overdub effects made easy


  • Happy hour is the best time of the day: relive it over and over with endless loops from FX’s Happy Hour. Have fun bringing new creativity to your playing with unlimited overdubs and 10mins’ worth of recording time, all in a simple and convenient design. With Landlord FX, it’s always Happy Hour!


  • Happy hour is about keeping things simple and fun. Landlord FX’s Happy Hour looper pedal is an extremely powerful and extremely straightforward looping device. Built into its sturdy metal chassis is a staggering 10 mins’ worth of high quality, clear looping!

  • This is all achieved with only one heavy duty footswitch and one control knob: happy days indeed! The LED indicator will change colour to indicate your recording status. It’s easy: tap once to record (LED is red); tap again for Playback mode (LED is green); tap the pedal again and you can overdub new parts (LED red again); tap the footswitch one last time to return to Playback mode.

  • Hold the footswitch down for 2 secs to delete a line: do the same again to restore the deleted line!

  • Looping has never been easier, more satisfying or as fun as with the Landlord FX Happy Hour looper!

Technical Specs