Frothy Head

Classic Echo

Vintage-style echo with reverse mode and a recallable storage


  • Pour your guitar sound into some thick and luxurious echo for a satisfying and addictive tone brew! The Landlord FX Frothy Head uses 44.1kHz/24 bit sampling technology to bring a vintage-style echo with the option of storing your favourite settings! Tasty!


  • Classic pints of beer back in the day always had a good frothy head: it was part of the taste and experience. Landlord FX bring back that halcyon era with the Frothy Head Echo, a tasty, vintage flavoured experience in itself!

  • A sturdy metal chassis and heavy-duty True-Bypass switch mark the Frothy Head out as a pedal for the ages. Sonically, your sound will taste more interesting with more flavours and depth rising to the top. A mini-toggle switch gives you instant access to three modes: DARK, the classic ambient echo sound with the treble frequencies rolled off; LITE, a clean sounding delay with just a hint of froth and fizz; and REVERSE, a special mode that turns your playing back-to-front for wild, psychedelic soundscapes.

  • Three simple knobs let you assume control over Level, number of Repeats and delay Time. Nothing could be simpler! Accept no drinks unless they have a Frothy Head!

Technical Specs