Banging Hangover

Expansive Reverb

Looping has never been easier, more satisfying or as fun


  • Soothe those slightly raw mornings-after with a lush, expansive reverb from Landlord FX. The Banging Hangover understands your pain and wants to bathe you in gentle tides of ambience. The Banging Hangover offers up three types of reverb in a tough metal package with a true bypass switch for quality and strength to match your most intense ‘recovery periods’.


  • Built like a tank and fully featured, the Landlord FX Banging Hangover is just the pedal to relieve the aches of a late-night session. There are three distinct reverb modes within the Banging Hangover, all designed to bring space and dimension to your guitar sound.

  • Three control knobs and a mini-toggle switch are all you need to soothe away those rough edges. The toggle switch gives you access to three modes: ROOM, a natural and clear reverberation of a medium sized room; PLATE, an echoey, metallic reverb that is distinct and musical; and SPRING, a rich, classic reverb in the style of a vintage amplifier.

  • Use the MIX knob to dial in your perfect dry/reverb balance. Sculpt your sound with the TONE knob: clockwise adds brightness and sheen.

  • Pour yourself a cold drink, plug in your guitar and say goodbye to your hangover with Landlord FX’s Banging Hangover Reverb.

Technical Specs