Amber Nectar

Dual-Mode Overdrive

Smooth Overdrive Pedal with dual modes, natural tube-like drive and high dynamic sensitivity


  • One taste of Landlord FX’s Amber Nectar and you’ll be hooked! This is your new favourite overdrive pedal: with a range of textures, tones and gain levels available, you’ll be able to dial in a taste that is as smooth or as potent as you prefer!


  • The Landlord FX Amber Nectar Overdrive is designed to give you the overdrive flavours you need for a perfect taste every time. Inside this rugged and sturdy metal chassis lies a circuit that brews a fine range of overdrive tones. These work in harmony with your guitar’s natural character to bring your playing to life. Brew your own distinctive overdrive with the Amber Nectar!

  • This simple to use pedal has three knobs and a micro-switch. Use the switch to toggle between two distinct brands of taste: HALF CUT is a transparent sound full of expressive qualities. It brings confidence and character to your sound without stepping over the line. HAMMERED has more fuel and might: it has become loud and punchy and is a lot of fun! A True-Bypass switch keeps your signal pure and clean.

  • Enhance your Amber Nectar experience with a light seasoning from the TONE knob. This super-expressive control allows you a wide range of EQ possibilities. Make judicious use of the GAIN knob to dial in the potency of your brew. The Amber Nectar pedal is extremely responsive to picking dynamics, so we encourage experimentation, though the Landlord does not recommend mixing drinks!

Technical Specs