A Cheeky Pint

Optical Compressor

Compact and high-quality optical compressor


  • Treat your guitar sound to some quality compression with the Landlord FX Cheeky Pint. Enjoy an upgrade in tone, dynamics and sustain. With Landlord FX, there’s always time for just one more!


  • A cheeky pint after a long shift is just the thing to smooth out your day. Too much is a mistake though, and the same is true for compressor pedals. A little can go a long way, especially a quality compressor like the Landlord FX Cheeky Pint. This unit is optical so uses a light-dependant resistor to offer all the natural ‘lag’ and sustain of a 1960’s-era studio compressor.

  • The Cheeky Pint has two modes, selectable via a mini toggle. HALF PINT brings a healthy, moderate level of compression. FULL PINT edges into your sound for a more fully compressed tone with a little extra bite. You can determine the Level, Sensitivity and overall Tone via control knobs on the front panel.

  • Find out what a cheeky pint can do for the health of your tone with the Landlord FX Cheeky Pint Compressor.

Technical Specs